Blockchain69 is a source of basic, non-technical information for people and companies new to the blockchain space.
The information is designed to be efficient, so people can quickly learn the basics.

Quentin Danziger – Founder

Quentin DanzigerQuentin is a Thought Artist who knows just how Real the world can be. ┬áThis Dreamer knows that it’s necessary to act in the real world according to a plan while envisioning the desired outcome.

With a degree in Engineering Physics from Colorado School of Mines, Quentin is a complex thinker who exists outside the box.

Along with many personal projects, he also oversees R&D and Special Projects for BLK Holdings.

Julius Canoy – Lead Technology Consultant

Julius CanoyJulius is a Computer Systems Engineer and Embedded Systems Developer.

He created the Blockchain69 Digital Notary Dapp on Ethereum.  He conducts audits on existing technology and keeps us in line with what can and cannot be done.

A Passionate Developer, he spends most of his time in the Lab, pushing his own limits and limits of technology.