• An unchangeable database.
  • A ledger written in ink.
  • A record of events that cannot be changed.
  • An automatic time stamp.
  • Open for all to see.
  • Governed by Distributed Concensus.
  • No 3rd party governance necessary.
  • Auto-Trust Consensus.

Just a few Use-Cases

How many can you come up with for your organization?


  • Create your own Coin
  • Create your own Bank
  • Create your own Financial System
  • Create your own Financial Instruments
  • Create your own Trading Platforms
  • Create your own Securities Exchanges

Social Benefits and Organizational Governance

  • Create your own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
  • Dramatically reduce worldwide transaction costs. ┬áThis will allow 6 billion people access to the worldwide financial system, for the first time ever.

Supply-Chain Quality Control

  • Poultry from China and beef from Russia are known for their quality control problems. Both nations have turned to the blockchain, in part because it will increase accountability and pinpoint weak links in the Chain of Custody.
  • Component Tracking and Compliance
  • ┬áChain of Custody
  • Shipping, Distribution
  • Tracking the movement of diamonds from inception.

Blockchain for Assets

  • Start a blockchain for any Asset when it is created. Every event involving that Asset will be logged into the Asset’s blockchain.
  • Chain of Ownership
  • Proof of Original
  • Proof of Existence (Notary)
  • Proof of Provenance
  • Proof of Tracking

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