This Digital Notary is a free* service provided by Blockchain69.

This digital notary should be used for demonstration purposes only.

Tierion offers a Professional-grade version.

Here’s the Blockchain69 Demo

*NOTE:  You will have to pay a very small fee to the Ethereum Network, for executing the contract. As of 31 Aug 2017, the fee is $0.39 to publish a Proof.

In order to interact with the contract, you will need to use the Chrome browser with the MetaMask Extension enabled.  You will need to be logged into MetaMask.

What is a Digital Notary?  Also called Proof of…Existence, Ownership, Original, Providence, etc.

This Digital Notary takes any digital document or image and puts a record of it on a permanent, immutable ledger or database, called a Blockchain.

This Digital Notary puts a cryptographic hash of your document on the Ethereum Public Blockchain.

You can publish and verify these proofs.

Even though the database is public, viewable by all, the document is safe because it is stored as a Cryptographic Hash of the document and its information.

A Digital Notary is considered legally-admissible information.